Bird's Nest

Edible Bird's Nest Factor

Since ancient time, the edible bird’s nest is known for its natural benefit. Rich with sialic acid, glycoproteins, and mineral, the Caviar from East is a healthy delicacy on your table. Sialic acid has a key role on brain development and neuron system. It prevents age-related, degenerative nervous system disorders. The levels of sialic acid in edible bird’s nest are varied and affected by the natural condition of swiftlets and how the nests are being processed.

In PT. Esta Indonesia, we emphasize the best process for the production of swiftlet’s nests to maintain its benefit. We keep the nests naturally by applying highly standardized cultivation, cleaning, and drying system. Therefore, our product still has high sialic acid concentration.

Esta’s Edible Bird’s Nest Factor (EBF) is the way on how we guarantee that each of our product gives you full nutrition of sialic acid. High sialic acid has become the authenticity factor of the edible bird’s nest. The EBF 10+ shows the amount of sialic acid contained on Esta’s edible bird’s nest as we want to give the our consumers the best benefit in health and beauty.


We guarantee that our products are free from any GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). We take pride on our swiftlet farms that bring us the best quality and natural nests.


Our farms are designed to mimic natural habitat that allow the swiftlets to roam freely. The nest harvest is done in a specific time to keep the stability of swiftlet population and nature itself.


At PT. Esta Indonesia, we value what the nature has been giving us. Therefore, we do not put food additives into the nests, because we believe in its natural benefit.

Edible Bird's Nest :
A Nutritious Delicacy

Swiftlet’s nests are highly appreciated for its natural health benefit since a long time ago. Dated back from four hundred years, the edible bird’s nest is one of the most well-known Chinese delicacy as well as traditional medicine. As a nutritious food, the edible bird’s nest contains antioxidant and boosts immunity. It is also beneficial for maintaining women’s radiant beauty.

Natural Benefit

Edible’s bird nest contains nutritions which help us to improve health and well-being.


Esta edible bird’s nest is a natural source of sialic acid, which has special role for both our body and brain. It boosts up our over-all immunity, improves learning ability, and helps prevent influenza. The sialic acid level in our bird’s nest is closely monitored by our team of researchers regularly.


Glycoprotein has various function; maintaining our immune system, blood, digestion, lungs, intercellular communication, reproduction system, and skin health. Proteins contained in edible bird’s nests also have active compounds such as amino acids that help to build muscle protein, produce antibodies, and repair damaged tissues.


Packed with several kind of minerals, edible bird’s nest is a perfect super food for our body. Mineral has various benefit for health, such as cell regeneration, strengthening immune system as well as body growth & development.