The Growing Family Business

PT. Esta Indonesia, for more than two decades, has experience providing the best quality swallow’s nests throughout the world. In line with the high global demand for swallow’s nests & the Chinese government’s stringent requirements regarding food safety standards, the company developed modern production capacity & facilities located in Terboyo Industri, Semarang.

In business, there is always a moment of struggle. Due to nitrite contamination issue in 2011, China banned the import of edible bird’s nests, which harmed the industry in the world, including Indonesia. However, our company continued to strive because of our natural manufacturing process. We went extra mile to prove that our product does not use any food additives and is export-ready by acquiring legal certification from Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). Through this certification, PT. Esta Indonesia is a company that legally exports swallow’s nests to China with registration number 002. Thus, we have become one of the largest Indonesian company able to export edible bird’s nest to China.

Our ability to control the value chain of bird’s nest operation stages from upstream to downstream and from swiftlet breeding farms to consumer products give us the benefit to monitor the quality and nutritional value of our product. We take quality control in a professional manner and we are honored to provide high-value products with innovative customized specification that meet consumers’ expectations. In the end, we want you to taste the finest quality of our “Caviar from the East”.

The Vission

Esta Indonesia is the best and largest swallow’s nest producing company in Indonesia and Asia.

The Mission

  • Produce safe and hygienic swiftlet nests through the highest production standards.

  • Committed to cultivating swiftlets so that they provide the best, environmentally friendly and sustainable harvests.

  • Continue to innovate to create swallow’s nest products that are useful for a healthier quality of life.

Core Values

Our core values guide the way we work, how we build strong cooperation with our customer, and also our relationship with communities.

Our core values also become the reason of our hard work and determine the way of our company
culture. As PT. Esta Indonesia continues to evolve and grow, these four values remain constant.


Our shared legacy of a family-owned company is a powerful motivation for our business commitment, as we value the dynamics of family and the importance to transfer these core values to the next generation.

Finest Quality Product

We do not compromise in quality. To ensure that, we develop a strict quality control procedure backed by Company Food Safety Policy. Our goal is to supply unique and innovative product by providing big capacity, fast-delivery and consistent standard to fulfill consumers’ satisfaction.


We respect the nature and set our production process to be as natural as possible, with the focus on improving bird’s population and environment sustainability. Our products do not use any food additives and no animals are harmed in the process.

Ecologically Responsible

We care about our planet and the environment. We embrace our commitment to preserve resources and protect the ecosystem. Our manufacturing processes do not pollute the environment and leave no excess materials.

Legal Certification

At PT ESTA Indonesia, there is a commitment to food safety with strong quality control. Therefore, we have applied and obtained several certifications. The following is a list of legal certifications that we have:

HACCP Certification from PT. SGS Indonesia
International standard for effective control of food safety
Agricultural Ministry, Director General of Livestock and Animal Health Veterinary Control Number NKV UW 33.7405.1013-038
Decree of Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture
Establishment of processing site as animal quarantine installation (IKH) of edible bird’s nest with Registration number 002
Certification and Accreditation Administration of The People’s Republic of China Registration number 002.
Bird Nest Credit Alliance of Registration and Certification Recognition certificate as registered bird’s nest exporter alliance in China