We believe nature has been providing us with many benefits

In PT. Esta Indonesia, we deliver edible bird’s nest by keeping true to its natural way. Thus, we want people to enjoy its natural benefit through our high quality products.

100% Certified High Quality
Products and Registered Company

100% Certified High Quality Products and Registered Company

PT. Esta Indonesia is legally registered as edible bird’s nest exporting company in People’s Republic of China under registration number 002. Therefore, to maintain and improve the high standard of our product quality, we have also obtained required certifications.

Customizable Products
To Your Own Needs

Waste no more effort with products that can be specifically customized to your unique needs in
food & beverages, cosmetics and nutraceutical industry.

Clean & Hygienic
Manufacturing Process

We are committed to implement natural and hygienic manufacturing stages.

All Natural Products,
No Food Additive & Non-GMO

ESTA continues to strive because of our natural and non-genetically modified processes.
We does not use any food additive and our nests are very healthy for long-time consumption.

As one of the largest Swiftlet bird’s nest exporters from Indonesia, PT. Esta Indonesia provides the world with the finest quality of Swiftlet bird's nest for over 20 years.

Starting as a trading company, we have the access to several Swiftlet farms in Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Why Buy From Us?

No Need to Worry
about Legality

Our products are 100% legal and certified
by Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency and Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA).

We Only Deliver You
High-Quality Products

Be rest assured about the quality of product you order, it has passed our quality control procedure.

Products Can Be Tailored to
Your Unique Needs

Waste no more effort as our products can be specifically customized to your unique needs.

Focus on Satisfying Custome Needs Better

We focus our capabilities towards satisfying our valuable customer by integrating downstream and upstream in the value chain.